Our Story

Lucky’s Closet was founded in early 2018 by Maggie Rold, a mother to two adorable rescue pups and a huge lover of all animals. She has watched her pups enjoy the comfort and warmth of different clothing and accessories throughout the years. Being their personal stylist, Maggie was often unsatisfied with the available selection found in stores and online. The quality varied, sizes never matched up correctly, and the overall selection was minimal.

Speaking with tons of other dog parents, she learned she wasn’t alone. Thus was born Lucky’s Closet – a personalized styling subscription business focused on the individual size and lifestyle of each dog. We collect specific information on each pup to ensure the best styled and fitted clothing and accessories, while focusing on high quality and affordable products.

Our goal at Lucky’s Closet is to provide the best fashionable options to your furry friend to keep them feeling good and looking good. We look forward to styling your adorable lucky pup soon!


From The Boss

"For years, our parents have allowed us to express ourselves through fashion and we couldn't be happier. We feel comfort and warmth, and also get a ton of attention from people on the streets... and boy, do we love attention. We're sure your pup would love these things too!"

— Ella and Levin, The Dogs that Started it All