Have More Questions?


How much is the service?

Each month, we send five items for your pup to try on at home and we charge a $10 styling fee. You only pay for the clothes you keep. If you choose to keep two or more items in a Lucky Box, we will happily waive the styling fee.


What if I love all five items?

Great! We'll apply your styling fee to the your order ($10 discount) as well give you an additional $10 off of your order, for a total of $20 off!


What if I don't ruv any of the five items?

No problem! Just send all five items back and fill out the enclosed style feedback card so we can be sure to get it pawfect in the next shipment.


Where do you get your clothes?

We source our clothes from a variety of manufacturers across the world, always aiming to provide the highest quality fabrics and current unique styles.


When should I expect to receive my first box?

Once you've sign up, we'll immediately begin customizing your pups box. You should expect it within 5 business days from when you sign up. Your following shipments will continue to come each month after.


When will I be charged?

We charge a $10 styling fee on the same day of the month that you initially subscribed. For anything that you decide to keep, we'll charge your credit card on file once we process any returns. You'll receive a copy of your itemized receipt via email.


What size dogs do you style?

We style dogs of all sizes. From tiny to tall, your furry friend deserves to look fetching!


How do I cancel my subscription?

Please email us if there something that we can do to make it right. If you still want to cancel, you can login here to cancel your account.


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